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Нарисувала картини по Библията и илюстрации от ранга на Микеланджело и Леонардо, Гений на реалното и абстрактното изкуство, на thinkable art Гений на графичното изкуство Гений на пейзажа и натюрморта и илюстрациите Автор на критика за художници и поети, статии, откровения, проза, поезия, мисли, афоризми,вицове и атрактивна манекенка на картини, актриса на лингвистично шоу и инфлуенсърка, художничка на потрети и еротично изкуство Уроци по старогръцки, Богословие,компютри,стенография,машинопис, електронен бизнес и управление . Нина Миндова е актриса в лингвистичното предаване" Фламинго и аз" и предаването"Любовта",пастор на vbox7,играла Пена чая,Валя Кафето,библиотекарка,танцьорка по зумба ,инфлуенсърка и учителка по немски и рецитаторка. Нина Миндова художник на течението Thinkable art womanism Женски Ренесанс В основата жената в Библията. Докато Микеланджело рисува Адам и Апостолите, Нина Миндова Микеланджело рисува Ева и апостолите Мария,Саломия,Мария Магдалена,жената от Сарепта Видинска, Вдовицата дето даде целия си имот и д-р.
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13.06 15:11 - Valia
 Coffee knew what itvwas like to learn things you didn"t believe.
She didn"t believe that anything could be done for people "s independence.
The Lord needed them to repent ,to heal them and change their lifes.
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13.06 14:59 - Valia
 The Cafe had its fortress and its views, and they were far from home and she experimented in her own wooden house and ewuipped it with technology in a special way.
Society was an oriental stable for women ,but she did not want to put up ...
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13.06 11:11 - Valia
 Coffee liked to drink her coffee with biscuits and apricot jam.
She was resting on the balcony with the nutmeg and two or three kittens, and they were playing in her feet.
On the table were blanched pustachios and orange peels of flavor.
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12.06 15:25 - Valia
 Rosa was the first to make three galleries online.
You discovered the paintings multinationally.
She painted the entire Bible in a large format.
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12.06 15:08 - Valia
 The teacher"s mother Rosa"s cousin was a computer specialist.She drove to university for years and didn"t graduate.
Great pedants and cerberians  were for  women, and for work the firms hardly rang.
After graduating from mathematics high ...
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12.06 13:56 - Valia
 What if in today"s century they were stoned to death 
Russiawas democratic , nothing like that.
How knows how many women were buried alive there.
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12.06 13:53 - Valia
 Rosa reads that there is no famous female artist like Loonardo, Michelangelo or Caravaggio.
There were books and albums about male artists , but noone had done anything about women.
Now there were academies ,it was not as before that they...
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12.06 13:03 - Valia
 Kliment Ohridski filled them with memories.
Drawing competitions were frequent in the school.
She remembered how the teacher took days to send their paintings to competitions.
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12.06 09:34 - Valia
 The. sculpture didn"t know much about world trends.
Nothing was clear to her.But she felt that the attitude towards her was contemptuous oriental.
Her rights were sugarcoated.
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12.06 08:43 - Valia
 The sculptor dreamed pf Paris , of the spacious galleries , of the wide square- Claude Monet, bridges , luxurious cheese and cocktails were imagined.
Instead the man called out to her and threw her sweaty,greasy, cow shit stained ,machin...
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10.06 13:24 - Valia
 Of course,Valya Kafeto had many children that she did not want
They had done it by force.
She had no responsibility for it.
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10.06 13:15 - Valia
 Valya constantly goes to donate to orphanages.
She had goven away significant collections of paintings and books bought of her cousin.
She thought of supporting bherself as a nirse , but she was laid off.
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