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31.05 18:45 - Valia
 To discover that a woman is not equal to a man, and in hes society this was so.
To come into a different society, and find out how low women are ;it was a big schock to her.
She could nwver imagine that there was such an orientalism.
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31.05 13:57 - Valia
 In the village near the city lived an acquaintance of Roza"s sculptor .
The village was small and quiet with a few houses and green trees in between.
The bleating of flocks of sheep could be heard.
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31.05 12:41 - Valia
 The art teacher was afraid to even make an exhibition.
Talented as a Renaissance artist,this predestined Italian led the daily life of an ordinary teacher.
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31.05 12:26 - Valia
 She wrote on the board with an overhead projector,dreamed of the achievements of Marie Curie
Female Nobel Prize-winning chemist.
That half of the guys underestimated women, let alone won Nobel prizes.
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31.05 11:54 - Valia
 And then discussion of the paintings-conferance .
Was he married to the chemistry teacher that was a question she never answered 
Chemistry teacher was also a  colourful person who mixed thousands of combinations in test tubes.
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31.05 11:37 - Vibes
 When Rosa thought of those days, she always remembered the art teacher.
He wore worn blue jeans and a short black t-shirt.
He was always humming a tune.
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31.05 11:02 - Valia
 Artists live in the champagne of life.
They raise their glasses full and drink.
As if they were juggling petunias all around , the snow was constantly falling and pouring out in different shapes.
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31.05 10:48 - Valia
 Small and large , like flowers in some emblematic mosaic of sensations.The sea always created  pleasant sensations of her.
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31.05 08:20 - Valia
 In fact Rosa still remembered the amazing winter pictures from her past.
The winter landscapes were like indeliable marks on her soul.
Frozen bridge , boats covered in fluffy whitesnow.
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30.05 19:54 - Valia
 She got the habit from a Greek she met a few years ago.
Then she was sick with bronchitis and decided to spend her last days with friends.
Only God healed her instead.
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30.05 19:21 - Valia
 In the afternoon she hung out  on the gazebo tossing tomato and cheese to a lonely glarus.
At night she passed the hotels and fell asleep on the boats  wrapped in a cloak of night.
Spray from the waves washed over the oars and she clutche...
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30.05 17:59 - Valia
 Sometimes she saw female artists who had not proven themselves.
They cleaned the floors and cooked in the canteen.
Some sold their bodies at night.
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